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Producing Full Post Malone Type Beat Step by Step FL Studio 12 Download The Drums / Samples used in this Tutorial About - Producing Full Post Malone Type Beat Step by Step FL Studio 12 Pav Music Production has provided a step by step FL Studio Tutorial on how to make a nice Post Malone type of beat. This is an easy to follow FL Studio 12 Tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn - Post Malone recommended tempo in FL Studio - Post Malone drum layout construction in FL Studio - Post Malone melody composition in FL Studio - Post Malone Transitions and composition in FL Studio - Bit of hip hop / trap mixing and mastering in FL Studio
Saturday, 09 June 2018 | 1519 hits
FL Studio Step By Step Tutorial Training Videos Producing Full Post Malone Type Beat Step by Step FL Studio 12
Saturday, 09 June 2018 | 810 hits
Step By Step FL Studio Video Tutorials Free To Follow Step By Step FL Studio Video Tutorials Easy to follow step by step FL Studio Tutorial videos, recorded by pav music production on behalf of fruitytuts. Some videos will come with free project data files & downloadable samples which have been used during the FL Studio Tutorial.
Monday, 28 May 2018 | 1419 hits
BTQ2 TOP Free Effect VST Plugin BTQ2 Free Effects VST Plugin Free Download - Simple equalizer that twists treble & bass using two interlocked pairs of shelf and peak-filters. Many Music Producers & Sound Designer / Equalizers use this method to achieve deep bass and sparkling treble while simultaneously decreasing muddiness and harshness. BTQ2 VST Plugins is very effective and is that it allows you to get desired results quickly. Plugin License is Freeware, Author is J1000 - File Size 2.2MB - ( VST | Win | 32-bit ) Visit j1000 Author Website - Click Here / Download from Author j1000 - Click Here Direct Download Link From External FruityTuts Server - Click Below
Wednesday, 15 July 2015 | 5846 hits
Sponsor Fruitytuts - New Feature For User Promotion Only $8.99 per month The Sponsor Block will be shown on all pages on fruitytuts (as shown on all pages) Your Image block will have your url website link + small description on hover The New Feature Was Added on 2nd August 2015 ONLY $8.99 Per Month Per 1 Sponsor AD Powered by 123ContactForm | Report abuse
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FL Studio Tutorials, Full Step by Step Training Videos With Project Files We have some of the best FL Studio training videos, teaching many music producers how to produce all kind of music in FL Studio, we mainly specialize in hip hop and modern beats, but we will also look to do more on house, dance and trance in the near future. Subscribe to us on youtube to stay tuned for all new tutorials.
Thursday, 05 March 2015 | 7489 hits
Why use FL Studio 11 for Music Production? Why use FL Studio for Music Production? Fruity loops 11 is one of the most popular software around for processing and manipulating music. It comes as a complete package for the Digital Work Stations (DAW). Most of the operators working in DAW prefer using their own software and Fruity loops can perfectly fit the profile. There are 3 versions to fruity loops 11 which are Fruity, Producer and Signature. The question is why should one use fruity loops 11 for music production? There are a number of answers to this question. Fruity loops is a popular software and is the most downloaded one around. So it is popular and is fairly known by all. It runs at the Windows platform and it can be differentiated from its competitors. Lets talk about the features which differentiates it from its competitors. The basic features of fruity loops 11 is that it has access of 512 GB of memory. It is normally 32 bit but is also available in a 64 bit plugin. Also it has a variety of options such as performance mode, support for multi touch, more number of playlist tracks, includes link with MIDI port, control of piano, data entry can be made by a right click, mixer, plugin picker and other options. There are new plugins introduced in the Fruity loops 11 which are bassdrum, Groove Machine Synth, Effector, Patcher, VFX Key Mapper and VFX Color Mapper. The plugins which have been updated are FL Flowstone, NewTone 2, Harmone, ZGameEditor Visualizer and DirectWave. Fruity loops studio includes features to manipulate music and audio files with ease. The corrections include making corrections to pitches, shifting of pitches, standard cut-paste etc. It has the ability to automate with most parameters of plugin. It can be easily connected to other Digital Work Station with ease. It can also record MIDI files. It also has the ability to remix audio from live setups. Hosting and sequencing of the music files could be achieved with greater precision using this software. The other functionalities of the software include the replicating of various musical instruments using this software. It has over 30 synthesizers which can virtually replicate the sound of almost all popular instruments. The ease of use of synthesizing techniques makes it possible for any masterpiece to be created using this software. Without writing the basic code it is easier to convert, create and share all kinds of instrumental sounds. The features of audio recording and editing include support for multi-channel audio. Capture of sounds from multiple channels can be done with ease. Greater control and precision can be established using FL 11. The plugins which enhances recording capability is Edison and the plugin which corrects tone is Newtone. It is also easier to sequence and roll piano. The important aspect is the mixing, arranging and mastering of the tracks. The mixer in FL11 Allows the user to gain greater control and precision. It can handle complex tracks easily. FL allows the simultaneous running of multiple, complex tasks. FL11 has over 40 plugins for greater versatility and quality output mixing of the tracks. Another feature is that it has standard for open plugin meaning it can support almost all plugins out there. FL11 is a complete package for users who are looking to it from professional aspect. However, it also comes in a demo version for beginners with limited capacity. The real taste of FL11 could not be tasted without availing the services of the full version.
Wednesday, 07 January 2015 | 6065 hits
Tutorial Making Dancehall Reggae Beat in FL Studio - 30 Min HD Video This is a Free Tutorial Making Dancehall Reggae Beat in FL Studio, This tutorial was produced by Pav Music Production for fruitytuts.com, This Dancehall Reggae Beat Beat Tutorial shows how a Dancehall Reggae Beat should be produced in fl studio, after you try this style of beat we advise practicing so you get better and better. This Free Fl Studio Tutorial comes with Dancehall Reggae Beat Project Samples Files. Please leave any comments below, thank you.
Tuesday, 09 December 2014 | 19934 hits
Producing Drake Style Hip Hop Beat in FL Studio Producing Drake Style Hip Hop Beat in FL Studio is a full 50 minutes step by step guide on how to produce drake style beats in FL Studio, this is full music production tutorial composed by PAV Music Production. When following this tutorial please be sure to download all the project files such as the drum samples which are listed below. Have fun producing this drake style hip hop beat in FL Studio. Always try and try until you get it right, the more you practice the better you get. PAV Music Production
Saturday, 29 November 2014 | 10815 hits
FL Studio Producing Emotional Violin Hip Hop Beat - Full FL Video Training This is a step by step of making a emotional hip hop beat in FL Studio, it shows how the beat was produced from start to finish. This is a great video training tutorial to understand the layout of hip hop production and the simplicity of how to make hip hop beats in fl studio. This tutorial was put togther by Pav Music Production for Fruitytuts.com - Download the project files for this project and follow the video.
Saturday, 29 November 2014 | 10846 hits
6 Things you need to know about FL Studio Despite being in the music editing market for more than 15 years, FL studio (formerly known as Fruity Loops) has started to gain popularity until the recent years. This can be attributed to the famous singers and electronic musicians such as Avicii, Madeon and Martin Garrix who are using this software in their songs. FL studio has been widely used both for professional and home purposes. Its longest lists of exceptional features have made it a popular choice among many music enthusiasts. Here we will talk about some of the important things about the FL Studio that you need to know. 1. Performance mode FL Studio’s performance mode has undergone major upgrades. It has been designed so that it can be played comfortably in live mode. It has already been getting used in different live concerts by electronic musicians and DJs. They have stated that this enhanced performance mode has given them a new edge in implementing their music. Performance mode is focused on creating music for the songs that are performed live. Developers of FL studio have worked hard to produce such a qualitative feature for its software. Most of the new users have attributed their purchasing FL Studio reason to be this feature- performance mode. 2. Mac Version is coming Mac users are currently using the beta of the wrapped version of this program which was launched by Image-line, the parent company. However, due to its limitations, users unable to enjoy it fully. The company is currently working on a better solution for the Mac users. Mac users were waiting for a long time to get this amazing product in their own platform. The producers of FL Studio have also been thinking about this for a long time. 3. Steady Growth Although the profile of FL studio may have seen a growth until recently, but their sales are not something that has suddenly boomed. Their growth has been always steady and the sudden popularity has only added to its growth. The celebrities using this software for their professional use has taken its sales to a whole new level. Its sales have been stated to increase up to 200% after avicii has released its tracks using FL Studio. 4. No hardware on the roadmap Although their competitor ableton has come up with a hardware that can integrate their software with it, but the FL studio developers have no such plans. As per them, they are expert in software making and not in hardware devices, so this area is something they are not willing to enter. Image Line is software specialist, and they do not have the necessary expertise to build hardware. That is why, you will not find the hardware on their road map despite their competitors’ following this strategy. 5. Artists helping in development Artists have a key role in the software’s development recently. They are not only increasing the popularity and brand image of this amazing piece but also coming up with the new suggestions to make this software a state-of-the-art technology. 6. Future is in the Vectorial The developers have a plan to shift its current interface to Vectorial one so that they can eliminate all bitmaps. This means that the whole GUI will generate itself algorithmically. Vectorial view will give the users more flexibility with this kind of software then. These 6 things will surely keep you informed about the latest components of this software that you should know before using it. Developers of FL Studio are very open to suggestions and if you have one you can directly contact with him via their mail address.
Monday, 30 June 2014 | 12303 hits
This tutorial shows Pav Music Production using FL Studio to create a nice RnB Beat, you will learn how to make a nice RnB Beat in FL Studio from scratch. This is a simple way of making RnB beat in fl Studio. Silent Sunday #2
Sunday, 22 June 2014 | 8830 hits
Welcome to FL Studio & Music Production Free Online Tutorial Training  We have loads of great music production tutorials coming in many styles and genres in music production, we also have loads of great music production tips for all you hungry music producers.          
Sunday, 15 June 2014 | 27066 hits
This is a Tutorial on Layering 4 different Orchestra sounds to archive a nice Sad Piano Orchestra Beat. Making Sad Emotional Piano Beat in FL Studio. Silent Sunday #1
Sunday, 15 June 2014 | 8761 hits
FL Studio Silent Tutorials by Fruitytuts (check back each sunday for new Silent Videos)
Sunday, 15 June 2014 | 13698 hits
Royalty free music: All that you need to know You may know what a royalty free music is or you may be completely new to this concept. Also if you research a bit on the internet, then you will find many ideas which are often inaccurate that are circulating the internet. Many of the sources are not authentic, so you need to pinpoint accurately before you jump into any conclusion about royalty free music. This article will aim at dismissing many misinterpretations regarding royalty free music so that you know for sure what is this all about. Royalty free music most commonly refers to that music which gives the purchaser the option to pay for the license fee only once and then use it as long as desired. The music can be used as long as you want and not paying for it any more. For instance, if you get a royalty free music at your website, then you need to pay only once for the license. Then the music can be listened to or downloaded as much as the visitors of your site want. The concept is as such that you only pay for once and then use it for your own purpose as long as you want. As you search on the net, you will learn more about the facts and myths about royalty free music. There are many misconceptions regarding royalty free music and one of which is that ‘Royalty Free Music is Free’. This is a completely wrong notion. It is never a free service. While some musicians may offer their own music at free of cost, but that is a completely different concept. Royalty free music does not refer to that thing. Knowing all about these misconceptions will help you make proper judgment about this music. You should be amazed to know that most of the people around the world do not have the full knowledge about royalty free music. Another common misconception is that ‘Royalty music is Stock Music’. Although it is true that most of the royalty free music comes from the stock music library but that does not mean it is a stock music. Stock music has a completely different definition that you should know. So, you should not confuse this thing with royalty free music. One more point to remember that royalty free music is not copyright free. Many confuse the free tagline with a copyright free product. However, this is not the case with a royalty free music. It has to paid with a license fee which may not need to be renewed and you can use it for as long as you wish in your own site. Royalty free music does not belong to a specific kind of music, nor does it mean to have poor quality. The genre can be from anything from classical version to the heavy metal version. Also, royalty free music does not mean that it will be a cheap one. The license fee can still be high. By now, you have probably learned many things about royal free music. Royalty free music does provide you some benefits which make you listen to this type of songs more often. Keeping these benefits in mind, you should proceed your journey about how you are going to use it in your site or blog. This type of music has both way benefits- for both makers and the listeners. The latter group will be able to listen it for free and the musician will get a chance to promote their music in front of a large group of audience.
Thursday, 12 June 2014 | 3514 hits
A comparison between royalty free music and paid music Have you ever thought about the music you are listening to? Is it a royalty free music or a paid one. You should know the differences between these two so that you can accurately determine which one should you be listening to and why? People often do not pay much heed to songs that they hear on an online site or radio station or at the shopping mall. They just listen to the music and feel good about it. However, knowing the comparison between royalty free music and paid music can clear most of your confusions, myths and misconceptions that you had so far. Royalty free music is built upon the concept that you have to pay only one time license fee to avail future services of the music. While many people confuse it with completely free music, this is actually a different idea than that of free music. Royalty free music has now become a part of the greater music industry. People, both the musicians and the listeners, are reaping the benefits of this and that is why, it is a very common thing nowadays. While royalty free music is partially free, this does not mean that it will give have no copyright laws. Paid music solely focuses on generating income and making a huge profit out of this for their distributors, sales team and other stakeholders. A common misconception that can be spoken of is that ‘Royalty music is Stock Music’. It is true, however, that most of the royalty free music comes from the stock music library but that does not mean it is a stock music. Stock music has a completely different definition that you should know. So, you should not confuse this thing with royalty free music. You should also remember that royalty free music is not copyright free. Many confuse the free tagline with a copyright free product. However, this is not the case with a royalty free music. It has to be paid with a license fee which may not need to be renewed and you can use it for as long as you wish in your own site. So, you can learn by yourself that royalty free music is not completely free. The people who want to use this first need to buy it from the original source and then he or she can distribute it via his or her site. This type of music puts advantage in another regard when people are completely unable or reluctant to pay the extra fees associated with listening to music. This situation aggravates as the prices of quality music are going up and people are unable to pay for the higher prices or at least they first want to make sure what is happening and then go for it. Often the listeners feel the need to listen to the music first and then think for a purchase and that is the exact case in the royalty free music scenario. You can obviously get yourself the royalty free music subscription that you want. Both- the royalty free music and paid music are from different categories and therefore provide different benefits. For the people who want to know more about the artist before they want to purchase his music out, then royalty free music is the best option available for this kind of people. Comparing these two types of music side by side we came to know many things that how each can be beneficial for the music lovers and contribute to their listening and at the same time help the artist.
Thursday, 12 June 2014 | 11178 hits
5 Reasons why you should go for royalty free music, the artists’ perspective Thinking to get your music into action but do not know how? You think you have the necessary potential but do not know the appropriate channel to reach your target audience? In this excerpt, we have discussed about 5 reasons which will tell you why you should go for royalty free music license if you are a new artist in the music industry. 1. Nobody knows you cause you are new This is the most common problem that most of the new artists face. As they are the new faces to the world, they do not get the exposure they want to get their music to the general people. However, in some certain ways they can obviously achieve that. Getting a royalty free music license is one of them as you do not have to think much about your production and distribution cost as all things are managed by the respective authorities. 2. The best exposure you can expect Royalty free music gives you the independence and opportunity to make your music stand out in the crowd as it gives you maximum exposure with minimum cost. Production houses often do not want to work with the new artists as there are many risks involved. That is why, they need to be sure first that they will not run into a loss or something. 3. Future career expectancy As the royalty free music scheme gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience, it also assures that you can build up your future on this. Royalty free music is built upon the concept that you have to pay only one time license fee to avail future services of the music. New artists and some of the old artists in order to gain recognition claim their work as royalty free and giving you the freedom not to pay royalty every time you use it. They can know how their music will be perceived by the local audience and thus come up with specific modifications to their music. So, they get an added advantage by undertaking this type of action. So, the royalty free music scheme can be said as a plan or a trial that will decide the artist’s future and how he will perform in the long run. 4. Cost Benefit Analysis If you run a cost benefit analysis test, you will figure out yourself that it is not possible for to move forward without having any exposure. So, if all of your doors are closed, one will not be. Royalty free music concept kick in whenever anyone faces such a scenario. Many even thought that they need to purchase every time they want to judge a singer’s quality, but they did not know that there is a free trial type of service already in action. Often the music out of a music competition becomes part of the royalty free music. The famous music instrument manufacturing company Marshall holds different competitions from time to time to uphold the legacy and promote the concept of royalty free music. 5. Copyright Protected Music While royalty free music is partially free, this does not mean that it will give have no copyright laws. If you use purchase the license of such a music, then you are only getting the permission of using it in your site so that your site visitors can listen to it. However, this does not any way endorse you to use the music on commercial purpose. Many people have already done this infringement and are now punishable by law.
Thursday, 12 June 2014 | 11660 hits
All that you need to know about FL STUDIO FL STUDIO is a digital audio workstation. It was formerly known by Fruity Loops. It is a music editing software that was developed by a Belgian company named Image-Line. Its graphic user interface has a pattern-based sequencer. The program was launched with four different editions. It was built for Microsoft Windows. Moreover, the editions include FL Studio Express, Fruity Edition, Producer Edition and the last one being the Signature Bundle. Image-line takes a different strategy while selling this software to the prospective customers. It offers free lifetime update which means you can receive all its future updates for free. This is a great marketing strategy for the company which has proven its worth so far. Image-line not only creates program for the Windows platform, but also for iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone and Android. FL studio is also popular among many electronic musicians and DJs. Some of the famous names include Afrojack, Avicii, Martin Garrix etc. The first version of the program which was known as Fruity Loops was developed by a programmer named Didier Dambrin and the program was partially released in the market in the year 1997. Officially it was launched later in a year in early 1998. It was a four channel MIDI drum machine back then. Later on, Dambrin was promoted to the Chief Software Architect for FL Studio. Dambrin then made a series of large upgrades to the program which has made it into a complex digital audio workstation. Its popularity has also increased exponentially by then. The FL Studio has already undergone 10 major updates and the latest one was in April 2013 which marks the release of FL Studio 11. Another programmer by the name Arguru has also contributed to the various editions of FL Studio. The new feature of this program includes the performance mode which triggers playlist clips using a mouse or even a touch screen. The new output from Image-line also has multi-touch support that has Microsoft gesture functions support. Now you can also enjoy having 199 playlist tracks, 100 more than the previous 99 list. It also has a playlist and piano roll option which ensures horizontal and vertical movement locking. When you press the Shift, it will be horizontally locked whereas Ctrl is vertical lock when dragging any item. Piano roll has glue notes, chop chords tool and much more included. It also has a right-click data entry method. It also comes up with a plugin picker that you can do by right clicking the program and open a plugin and then presetting it in the Browser. You should start typing plugin names to highlight entries. It also has a newly updated mixer. The new plugins to this software are BassDrum, GMS, Effector, Patcher, VFX key and color mapper. Each plugin has its own functions to deal with. The bassdrum creates deep kick-bass percussion sound. It is a synthesizer with sample layering. It was developed because of the popular demand of the customer for punchy kicks. GMS or Groove Machine Synth is a multi-trimbal hybrid synthesizer and FX channel. This plugin was also devised because of popular demand. The effector has 12 performance oriented effects which include distortion, phasing ,flanging, delay, reverb etc. Patcher was mainly introduced in the version 10 of the program. It saves and recall commonly used effects in the software. VFX or Voice Effects Key Mapper allow note inputs so that it can be transposed or chorded properly. VFX Color Mapper has the software’s 16 Piano roll note colors and it has been mapped to MIDI channels.
Tuesday, 03 June 2014 | 4163 hits
Royalty free vocal loops There are a number of people present out there who intendon making their own vocal loops by sitting in the comfort of their own homes. If you are one of those people then you have come to the right place. It is the best article for you in this regard. I shall be discussing some helpful tips for making your own vocal loops. Long gone are the days when for making your own loops,learning to play a number of instruments was a necessity. Nowadays, vocal loops can be made much more easily as compared to the difficulty level 5 to 7 years ago. This ease has been brought due to the improvement in science and technology which has made the invention of all loops making softwares. With the help of these vocal loops softwares, loops making has become easier manifold and much less time consuming as well. Contrary to what you might think, making loops is not a full time job and if you love doing it then you will be able to have a lot of fun. Choosing best online software for making your own royalty free loops is one of the most important things in this regard. Royalty free is an important issue as well and having 100% royalty is a very important thing. This is the first and the most important step as far as making vocal loops is concerned because if you have not selected the best software for yourself, it will be impossible for you to succeed in making high quality vocal loops. There are a number of softwares available in markets all around us which can prove to be helpful for us in making vocal loops. These are some very important things and should always be kept in mind in this regard.
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