A Comparison Between Royalty Free Music and Paid Music

A comparison between royalty free music and paid music

Have you ever thought about the music you are listening to? Is it a royalty free music or a paid one. You should know the differences between these two so that you can accurately determine which one should you be listening to and why? People often do not pay much heed to songs that they hear on an online site or radio station or at the shopping mall.

A Comparison Between Royalty Free Music and Paid Music

They just listen to the music and feel good about it. However, knowing the comparison between royalty free music and paid music can clear most of your confusions, myths and misconceptions that you had so far. Royalty free music is built upon the concept that you have to pay only one time license fee to avail future services of the music. While many people confuse it with completely free music, this is actually a different idea than that of free music. Royalty free music has now become a part of the greater music industry. People, both the musicians and the listeners, are reaping the benefits of this and that is why, it is a very common thing nowadays. While royalty free music is partially free, this does not mean that it will give have no copyright laws. Paid music solely focuses on generating income and making a huge profit out of this for their distributors, sales team and other stakeholders.

A common misconception that can be spoken of is that ‘Royalty music is Stock Music’. It is true, however, that most of the royalty free music comes from the stock music library but that does not mean it is a stock music. Stock music has a completely different definition that you should know. So, you should not confuse this thing with royalty free music. You should also remember that royalty free music is not copyright free. Many confuse the free tagline with a copyright free product. However, this is not the case with a royalty free music. It has to be paid with a license fee which may not need to be renewed and you can use it for as long as you wish in your own site. So, you can learn by yourself that royalty free music is not completely free. The people who want to use this first need to buy it from the original source and then he or she can distribute it via his or her site.

This type of music puts advantage in another regard when people are completely unable or reluctant to pay the extra fees associated with listening to music. This situation aggravates as the prices of quality music are going up and people are unable to pay for the higher prices or at least they first want to make sure what is happening and then go for it. Often the listeners feel the need to listen to the music first and then think for a purchase and that is the exact case in the royalty free music scenario. You can obviously get yourself the royalty free music subscription that you want.

Both- the royalty free music and paid music are from different categories and therefore provide different benefits. For the people who want to know more about the artist before they want to purchase his music out, then royalty free music is the best option available for this kind of people. Comparing these two types of music side by side we came to know many things that how each can be beneficial for the music lovers and contribute to their listening and at the same time help the artist. 

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