Free Download - Nexus VST - Nexus 2 VSTi


This is a Great VST for any Music Producers, Nexus VST is great for HIP-HOP producers and well work the price - 


New Nexus2 Expansion: NEXUS VST Plugin 2

Nexus VST is a nice VST plugin for Music Producers (virtual Instrument)

Check out the demo video here!

Nexus VST Plugins is a very nice User Friendly VST Plugin which can be used very well with many music production software packages. Nexus VST is one of the most popular VST used by many modern music producers, Loads of people seem to Like NEXUS Vst Plugin because of the simplicity and the quality of the sound it provides, also it also contains so many instrument selections


Did you know?

• Nexus VST is Published by NI Massive

• Nexus VST is one of the most used VST Plugin Worldwide

• Nexus VST supports Updates / Expansions Packs

• Nexus VST can is mainly used for Trace, Pop, Hip Hop and Modern Dance Music


Vengeance Massive Dubstep Vol.4 is great expansions for Dub Step Music Production, Andy Hinz provided 64 ultra-violent wobbles, Sequences, effects, OiOiOis, Hard Bassline, Pitches and Dub-Synths, the Vengeance Massive Dubstep Vol 4 is the nex Gen of sound, we recommend using this to seriously male some club fire! and Club number ones! NEXUS VST is a nice VST plugins and awesome tool for all Music Producers.

**Please note: This soundset can only be used with NI Massive. You must have NI Massive in order to use this product. You can view the official download links below; - no illegal download links are provided just author links ;) sorry we dont share any illegal downloads. thank you -



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