Top Best Selling Beats Websites for Music Producers

If you are a serious producer, you have more than likely considered selling your beats online. The problem is, where should you sell your beats online?

There are a handful of sites that will off you your own online "store" to shop your beats in exchange for a cut of your profits. Which ones are best?

Before I get into reviews, let me first say that I am an avid believer utilizing every avenue you can to promote your beats. So even though some of these beat selling websites are a little sub-par in certain areas, I'd advise that you use them anyway for the sake of promotion.

Here are a few beat selling websites that I have had experience with online: MyBeatShop has been the most valuable beat-selling website in my experiences. I've made thousands selling beats online from this website alone. It is easy and quick to upload beats, I've always been paid on time, and it offers a nice community of producers to interact with. There are beat battles for cash/no cash and all-time and monthly rankings for sales, battles, etc.

Now for the bad parts: The customer service is horrible. It is impossible to reach the staff by telephone because their phone inbox is always full. The site design is ugly - looks very amateurish. The site takes 20% per sale as a commission AND charges for online beat space. This is a bit much considering how many beats they sell. Oh and did I mention the customer service is horrible? Oh I did? Well that's cool 'cause it deserves to be mentioned twice.

Despite a lot of bad areas, at the end of the day this site has made me a lot of money selling beats online, so I definitely suggest you check it out and get your beats on it! RocBattle is probably one of the first, if not THE first beat-selling website for producers to shop their beats online. A lot of producers have had a ton of success selling beats on this website.

The site is a lot nicer looking than most other beat-selling websites. The design and graphics/artwork look a LOT more professional than, say, MyBeatShop. It is very simple to upload beats to the site, and the upload time is quick. You can also order your beats after you upload them which is, to me at least, a very valuable tool.

Battling your beats is a big part of the website (hence the name RocBattle of course). You can select any one of your beats to battle against a beat from another producer. It is important to participate in battles, as it increases your song plays and exposure and can drive you up in the rankings if you are able to win a lot. These things will ultimately help to contribute toward the ultimate goal - more sales.

The bad part about RocBattle, at least in my experience, is that it seems a lot harder to sell beats on than MyBeatShop unless you are very active, win a lot of battles, or lower your prices to next to nothing. There is a lot of competition, and it is a bit more difficult to get recognition unless you earn it through battling and establishing a reputation. Overall though a very nice site that is definitely worth your efforts to sell beats online! TheBeatTrader charges $2.00 per "online beat space," which I believe is a bit overpriced. The site design isn't the absolute worst, but it is still pretty amateur looking. They don't have nearly as big as a community as MyBeatShop or RocBattle, and it seems a lot harder to be "in the spotlight" on this site. Again, I've had very minimal success on this site, so unless you plan on doing a lot of direct marketing yourself, don't expect a ton of sales. I only put a few beats on this site, because the site design makes it seem, well....a bit shady. There's really not much to say about the site, except the design sucks, the site content is minimal to none, and I only got one sale on it. But sale is better than none, right? So what the hell...sign up anyway!

Those are the main beat-selling sites that I've had some experiences with. Again, even though some of the sites are a bit lacking, I can't stress enough that it is not a bad idea at all to sign up anyway for exposure and promotional purposes. These little things can go a long way in establishing yourself as a producer in the online community and selling your beats online!


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