Good ways to promote your beats or music for sale

Getting exposure in the Music Industry

Get more Exposure to your Music with Social Media

Advertising your band or music group through social media is a great way to get your music out to the world. Twitter, facebook, and myspace have millions of users that use the site consistently. Twitter is one of my favorites for marketing because its so easy to spread the word about what your doing or whatever you seem to be talking about.

Facebook: When you create a facebook account, create a customized profile that has an interesting biography about yourself or the music group. Talk about your interests, relate with the audience, talk about how you began making or producing music. Once you do that, you can send friend requests to people that have a similar taste in music. You can also create support groups that represent your band and invite your friends to join your group. This is a great way to establish an audience, and most of the time people that you invite to your facebook group will join and support your band. If your making beats and you want to promote your beats, facebook works really well for this as well.

Twitter: Create a twitter profile with a theme that relates with what your band is about, the more personal you make your profile the more interesting it will be. Once your account is setup, you can follow people that share similar interests in music and they will follow you back. Every day or every few days, update your fans with what songs your working on, updates for your debut cd or new cd release. Tell them something funny, and connect with your musical audience. Twitter is a great platform that allows content to go viral very quickly simply by word of mouth and retweeting.


Set Up A Website

Having a website allows your band or music group to have a much more professional appeal, and it also helps to make your music seem more exclusive. A website officiates everything and allows you to present your band to the world on your own terms.  Websites are cheap to host and are very easy to build so its important that you take advantage of the benefits.  You could even setup a shopping cart on your website where you can sell your songs for a dollar.  This can really help you raise money for your band if you can learn how to send a significant amount of traffic to your website.

Add Photos and Updates to your Website Frequently

You want your band to seem interesting, you want to catch peoples attention, you want to stand out to be famous in the music industry.  Frequently updating your website, profile or blog is really important if you want to keep a consistent connection with your music audience.  Make your life seem like an adventure that fits in well with the general theme of your band.

Offer Your Songs for Free Download

Offering your songs for free download can be a great way to promote your music because people that listen to it are likely to play it again, or show their friends.  By doing so, people that are listening will help to spread the word about your band and your music.  Remember that people are much more likely to listen to your music if you offer a track for free on an occasional basis.

Interact with fans and other Musicans in the Music Industry

Interact with musicians in your area locally, participate in musican forums and keep in contact regularly.  This will help you out when you are trying to promote your band through gigs and live performances.  Keep track of the hot spots for performing and see what it takes to schedule a gig at that place, it also wouldn't hurt to make friends with the management at the venue.

Promote your music on Youtube

Youtube is the third most visited website in the world so it gets massive amounts of traffic.  Best of all its all free advertising for your band.  Making music videos can be fun and gives you the opportunity to be more expressive and creative with your music.  As you post your music videos and songs on youtube, people will listen and send you a friend request through youtube.  You know what that means right?  More fans know about your band!!!


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