Why use FL Studio 11 for Music Production?

FL Studio 11

Why use FL Studio for Music Production?

Fruity loops 11 is one of the most popular software around for processing and manipulating music. It comes as a complete package for the Digital Work Stations (DAW). Most of the operators working in DAW prefer using their own software and Fruity loops can perfectly fit the profile. There are 3 versions to fruity loops 11 which are Fruity, Producer and Signature.

The question is why should one use fruity loops 11 for music production? There are a number of answers to this question. Fruity loops is a popular software and is the most downloaded one around. So it is popular and is fairly known by all. It runs at the Windows platform and it can be differentiated from its competitors.

Lets talk about the features which differentiates it from its competitors. The basic features of fruity loops 11 is that it has access of 512 GB of memory. It is normally 32 bit but is also available in a 64 bit plugin. Also it has a variety of options such as performance mode, support for multi touch, more number of playlist tracks, includes link with MIDI port, control of piano, data entry can be made by a right click, mixer, plugin picker and other options.

There are new plugins introduced in the Fruity loops 11 which are bassdrum, Groove Machine Synth, Effector, Patcher, VFX Key Mapper and VFX Color Mapper. The plugins which have been updated are FL Flowstone, NewTone 2, Harmone, ZGameEditor Visualizer and DirectWave.

Fruity loops studio includes features to manipulate music and audio files with ease. The corrections include making corrections to pitches, shifting of pitches, standard cut-paste etc. It has the ability to automate with most parameters of plugin. It can be easily connected to other Digital Work Station with ease. It can also record MIDI files. It also has the ability to remix audio from live setups. Hosting and sequencing of the music files could be achieved with greater precision using this software.

The other functionalities of the software include the replicating of various musical instruments using this software. It has over 30 synthesizers which can virtually replicate the sound of almost all popular instruments.  The ease of use of synthesizing techniques makes it possible for any masterpiece to be created using this software. Without writing the basic code it is easier to convert, create and share all kinds of instrumental sounds.


The features of audio recording and editing include support for multi-channel audio. Capture of sounds from multiple channels can be done with ease. Greater control and precision can be established using FL 11. The plugins which enhances recording capability is Edison and the plugin which corrects tone is Newtone.  It is also easier to sequence and roll piano.

The important aspect is the mixing, arranging and mastering of the tracks. The mixer in FL11 Allows the user to gain greater control and precision. It can handle complex tracks easily. FL allows the simultaneous running of multiple, complex tasks. FL11 has over 40 plugins for greater versatility and quality output mixing of the tracks. Another feature is that it has standard for open plugin meaning it can support almost all plugins out there.

FL11 is a complete package for users who are looking to it from professional aspect.  However, it also comes in a demo version for beginners with limited capacity. The real taste of FL11 could not be tasted without availing the services of the full version.



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