All that you need to know about FL STUDIO


All that you need to know about FL STUDIO

All that you need to know about FL STUDIO

FL STUDIO is a digital audio workstation. It was formerly known by Fruity Loops. It is a music editing software that was developed by a Belgian company named Image-Line. Its graphic user interface has a pattern-based sequencer. The program was launched with four different editions. It was built for Microsoft Windows. Moreover, the editions include FL Studio Express, Fruity Edition, Producer Edition and the last one being the Signature Bundle. Image-line takes a different strategy while selling this software to the prospective customers. It offers free lifetime update which means you can receive all its future updates for free. This is a great marketing strategy for the company which has proven its worth so far. Image-line not only creates program for the Windows platform, but also for iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone and Android. FL studio is also popular among many electronic musicians and DJs. Some of the famous names include Afrojack, Avicii, Martin Garrix etc.

The first version of the program which was known as Fruity Loops was developed by a programmer named Didier Dambrin and the program was partially released in the market in the year 1997. Officially it was launched later in a year in early 1998. It was a four channel MIDI drum machine back then. Later on, Dambrin was promoted to the Chief Software Architect for FL Studio. Dambrin then made a series of large upgrades to the program which has made it into a complex digital audio workstation. Its popularity has also increased exponentially by then. The FL Studio has already undergone 10 major updates and the latest one was in April 2013 which marks the release of FL Studio 11. Another programmer by the name Arguru has also contributed to the various editions of FL Studio.

The new feature of this program includes the performance mode which triggers playlist clips using a mouse or even a touch screen. The new output from Image-line also has multi-touch support that has Microsoft gesture functions support. Now you can also enjoy having 199 playlist tracks, 100 more than the previous 99 list. It also has a playlist and piano roll option which ensures horizontal and vertical movement locking. When you press the Shift, it will be horizontally locked whereas Ctrl is vertical lock when dragging any item. Piano roll has glue notes, chop chords tool and much more included. It also has a right-click data entry method. It also comes up with a plugin picker that you can do by right clicking the program and open a plugin and then presetting it in the Browser. You should start typing plugin names to highlight entries. It also has a newly updated mixer.

The new plugins to this software are BassDrum, GMS, Effector, Patcher, VFX key and color mapper. Each plugin has its own functions to deal with. The bassdrum creates deep kick-bass percussion sound. It is a synthesizer with sample layering. It was developed because of the popular demand of the customer for punchy kicks. GMS or Groove Machine Synth is a multi-trimbal hybrid synthesizer and FX channel. This plugin was also devised because of popular demand.

The effector has 12 performance oriented effects which include distortion, phasing ,flanging, delay, reverb etc. Patcher was mainly introduced in the version 10 of the program. It saves and recall commonly used effects in the software. VFX or Voice Effects Key Mapper allow note inputs so that it can be transposed or chorded properly. VFX Color Mapper has the software’s 16 Piano roll note colors and it has been mapped to MIDI channels.




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