6 Things You Need To Know About FL Studio


6 Things you need to know about FL Studio

6 Things you need to know about FL Studio

Despite being in the music editing market for more than 15 years, FL studio (formerly known as Fruity Loops) has started to gain popularity until the recent years. This can be attributed to the famous singers and electronic musicians such as Avicii, Madeon and Martin Garrix who are using this software in their songs. FL studio has been widely used both for professional and home purposes. Its longest lists of exceptional features have made it a popular choice among many music enthusiasts. Here we will talk about some of the important things about the FL Studio that you need to know.


1. Performance mode

FL Studio’s performance mode has undergone major upgrades. It has been designed so that it can be played comfortably in live mode. It has already been getting used in different live concerts by electronic musicians and DJs. They have stated that this enhanced performance mode has given them a new edge in implementing their music. Performance mode is focused on creating music for the songs that are performed live. Developers of FL studio have worked hard to produce such a qualitative feature for its software. Most of the new users have attributed their purchasing FL Studio reason to be this feature- performance mode.


2. Mac Version is coming

Mac users are currently using the beta of the wrapped version of this program which was launched by Image-line, the parent company. However, due to its limitations, users unable to enjoy it fully. The company is currently working on a better solution for the Mac users. Mac users were waiting for a long time to get this amazing product in their own platform. The producers of FL Studio have also been thinking about this for a long time.


3. Steady Growth

Although the profile of FL studio may have seen a growth until recently, but their sales are not something that has suddenly boomed. Their growth has been always steady and the sudden popularity has only added to its growth. The celebrities using this software for their professional use has taken its sales to a whole new level. Its sales have been stated to increase up to 200% after avicii has released its tracks using FL Studio.


4. No hardware on the roadmap

Although their competitor ableton has come up with a hardware that can integrate their software with it, but the FL studio developers have no such plans. As per them, they are expert in software making and not in hardware devices, so this area is something they are not willing to enter. Image Line is software specialist, and they do not have the necessary expertise to build hardware. That is why, you will not find the hardware on their road map despite their competitors’ following this strategy.


5. Artists helping in development

Artists have a key role in the software’s development recently. They are not only increasing the popularity and brand image of this amazing piece but also coming up with the new suggestions to make this software a state-of-the-art technology.


6. Future is in the Vectorial

The developers have a plan to shift its current interface to Vectorial one so that they can eliminate all bitmaps. This means that the whole GUI will generate itself algorithmically. Vectorial view will give the users more flexibility with this kind of software then.

These 6 things will surely keep you informed about the latest components of this software that you should know before using it. Developers of FL Studio are very open to suggestions and if you have one you can directly contact with him via their mail address.


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