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09th Aug 2014 - Judo Beatz Drum Kit + [new vst and FL Project] 10th Aug 2014 - Arab Music Drum Kit [new vst and FL Project]
11th Aug 2014 - Alesis 16 Drums + [new vst] 12th Aug 2014 - Big Money Talk Kit + [new vst]
13th Aug 2014 - Dubstep Drum Kit + [new vst] 14th Aug 2014 - Funk Drum Kit + [new vst]
15th Aug 2014 - Ambient Skyline [new vst] 16th Aug 2014 - Hasta Abajo Drum Kit [new vst and FL Project]
17th Aug 2014 - Bonus Hip Hop Drum Kit [new vst and FL Project] 18th Aug 2014 - Dance Kit [new vst]
19th Aug 2014 - Crack Musik Vol1 [new vst] 20th Aug 2014 - Trap Loops [new vst]
21th Aug 2014 - Indian Percussion [new vst] 22th Aug 2014 - Trap Drum Kit [new vst]

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Steinberg Cubase LM4 Mark II VST Drum module Version:1  

The LM-4 is a virtual instrument Plug-In that maybe picks up where the classic Linn LM-series Drum Machines left off. The LM-4 is a VST instrument for applications such as Cubase VST. There are no messy MIDI or audio cables, yet it is completely Midi enabled, automated, and its audio outputs are routed directly into the VST host's internal audio mixer, ready for adding EQ and effects.

The LM-4 features 20 Drum Kits with at least 18 drum sounds in each kit. The sounds are great! From classic to electro and retro! Ten kits were produced by the well known (:wizoo:) sound designers. You can also create your own drum sounds using 16 or 24 bit AIFF or WAVE files - essentially making the LM-4 a sequencing sampler plug-in! In addition, the LM-4 boasts that its timing is measurably better than any other MIDI controlled device! The LM-4 also features Polyphonic Drum Pads, automated tunings and levels of individual drum sounds and both stereo and 4 individual outputs. Finally, up to eight LM-4s can be layered and synced (depending on RAM and CPU) for elaborate percussion and music creation!


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