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Category: 2014 Free Drum Sample Kits
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Name Date Uploaded File size Hits    File Image

DJ Pain Drum Kit Date 2014-04-12 Filesize 4.3MB Download 75

Vinyl Drum Kit Date 2014-04-03 Filesize 5.62 MB Download 165

Industry Sound Demo Pack Date 2014-04-03 Filesize 6.09 MB Download 63

Boy Wonda Drum Kit Date 2014-04-03 Filesize 6.01 MB Download 133

Hip Hop Loop Training Drums and FLP Date 2014-04-03 Filesize 1.77 MB Download 170

DjDunateen Drum Kit 168MB Date 2014-03-09 Filesize 168 MB Download 525

Electro House/Progressive House Kicks and Claps Date 2014-03-08 Filesize 3.5 MB Download 356

Doni Jo Drum Kit Date 2014-02-19 Filesize 19.7MB Download 217

Harmony Beats Drum Kit Date 2014-02-19 Filesize 1.6MB Download 494

Hip Hop Drum Kit Date 2014-02-15 Filesize 882KB Download 802

Fly Boi Beats Drum Kit Date 2014-02-14 Filesize 24.7MB Download 348

House Drum Kit Date 2014-02-13 Filesize 253KB Download 372

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